Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a very frequent problem, especially in the period around the menopause. It can occur at all times of a woman’s life, in both a transitory and more permanent way. It takes the form of insufficient vaginal lubrication due to a form of atrophy or inflammation of the mucosa caused by lower oestrogen levels. These cases can be associated with local dryness with annoying itching, irritation and greater vulnerability to infections.

It can have several different causes: hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle and ageing, reduced oestrogen levels, taking anti-oestrogen drugs, drugs for allergies, flu and certain anti-depressants. It can also be caused by Sjögren’s syndrome: an autoimmune disease where healthy tissues are attacked by the immune system.

The problem can even be caused by excessive use of vaginal cleansers, close-fitting jeans, trousers or tights, synthetic or damp underwear or even simply a clear complexion.

Why Taogel

Taogel promotes a hydrating and natural emollient action over time, protecting from irritating stimuli and favouring perfect sensitivity. The compound, based on L-arginine, hyaluronic acid and Triticum vulgaris, helps the body to improve vascularisation, hydrates the tissues, increases plasticity, and stimulates chemotaxis and fibroplastic maturation. Taogel can simulate and recreate vaginal secretions perfectly. It is transparent and has a delicate perfume which does not alter the vulva’s ecosystem. Before treatment it is recommended to consult a specialist in order to define the best timescale and methods.


The use of arginine is contraindicated for persons who frequently experience outbreaks of herpes virus. The L-arginine amino acid can reactivate episodes of the strain of virus.