Male infertility is a widespread, and undervalued problem.

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A simple spermiogram is sufficient to discover the number, motility and form of spermatozoa, thereby identifying any problems. Alterations of the number, motility and morphology of sperm can have a direct influence on male fertility.
The causes of these alterations can depend on stress, unnatural life styles or poor diet.

Why Zentrum

Zentrum, thanks to the high content of L-Arginine, is a specific supplement able to help the body in restoring normal sperm production. Sperm requires around 60 days to regenerate completely.
During the phases of regeneration the body needs the right nutrients which, if absent, can compromise correct sperm regeneration.
Stress, incorrect lifestyle and dietary habits can also lead to a lack of these substances, which can have serious consequences on male fertility. Supplementing a good diet with the right quantities of L-Arginine can help to tackle the problem effectively. Zentrum, by intervening in the production of Nitric Oxide, helps the body to tackle problems with erection, combats premature ejaculation and increases the quantity of seminal fluid.
In abnormal sperm morphology, Zentrum triggers chemical reactions that stimulate sperm motility. Excellent results have been obtained for disorders which are not severe but cannot be ignored, as they can trigger negative psychological effects that can lead to aggravation of the problem. Before undergoing treatment it is always appropriate to consult a specialist, so that together you can decide on the timescales and methods.


The use of Arginine is contraindicated for persons who suffer frequent outbreaks of Herpes virus.
The amino acid L-Arginine can promote reactivation of this strain of virus.