Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can occur in relatively young age (with a consistent increase of the phenomenon from 30 years and up).

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The primary symptoms are reduction of sexual performance, inability to maintain an erection and loss of libido. One of the best results that can be obtained by taking Zentrum vials or Zentrum Tabs is increased sexual performance.

A number of studies have demonstrated the efficacy of salified L-Arginine in men with erectile dysfunction. By taking it continually the patient can expect physiological results. Zentrum naturally and gradually increases the Nitric Oxide that is reduced through stress, smoking, other diseases, or more simply by age. By taking Zentrum it begins to increase again with a significant restoration of function, not “as needed” but in the form of a “rehabilitative” therapy.

Studies demonstrate that patients who have been administered Arginine Aspartate have reported significant improvement of erectile strength after just 6 weeks of treatment.

The salified Arginine in Zentrum regains the elasticity and relaxes the walls of the blood vessels throughout the body, including the corpus cavernosum of the penis, improving erections. Zentrum, whether in vials or in the Tabs form, has the greatest bioavailable (that can be assimilated by the body) concentration of L-Arginine available on the market. By taking it orally (away from meals), Zentrum is absorbed rapidly in the gut. The maximum plasma concentration is obtained 4 hours after oral administration.

Why Zentrum?
The L-Arginine contained in Zentrum vials is salified with aspartate, giving it the name Arginine Aspartate, while the Tabs form is salified with HCl to become Arginine Hydrochloride, which makes the Tabs form gastroprotective.

In both formulations, salification enhances the action of the arginine, making it able to be absorbed almost entirely by the body (around 80-85%). Thanks to these characteristics, Zentrum is an effective and complete supplement, unlike the non-salified arginine-based products available (only 30% absorbed by the body). When is it best not to take Zentrum? Zentrum products do not have contraindications, the only precaution for use is for persons with an active outbreak caused by Herpes virus, as it could promote replication of that strain of virus.